Cook County Clerk of Courts

The Cook County Clerk of Court’s Office performs a vital function for the judicial assembly within the county and the state. This office handles the gathering, maintenance and dissemination of court documents for the various tribunals that operate within a specific area.

For instance, the clerk of court’s office will keep the judicial records for Cook County, IL that are collected from the civil and the criminal courts. This information is kept in the court dockets database for the use of the judiciary, law enforcement, criminal justice agencies and even civilians who are keen on launching a case search.

Although a part of the legal system within the county, the county clerk will keep these court dockets independently of the tribunals and the police. Typically, the sheriff’s department will have no information on civil litigations, unless a family/non-criminal court has issued an arrest warrant for disobedience of a bench order.

As opposed to this, when it comes to the Circuit Courts, cases are heard across six divisions but all the judicial records end up in the circuit tribunal of Chicago District 1. You will have to visit the tribunal in person for this information or write to them to conduct the case search for Cook County.

To call on them go to 50 W Washington, Rm 601 Richard J Daley Center Chicago, IL 60602. The Clerk of Court’s office also allows people to contact online case searches. However, complete judicial records are not revealed through this channel. You will need the case no, the name of the defendant or the litigant or the name of attorney to conduct the inquiry through

The criminal division of the circuit courts convenes at 2650 S California Ave, #526 Chicago, IL 60608 and they can only be approached for inquiries that pertain to felony charges. If you want to get in touch with the county clerk’s office to find the court dockets you are looking for, go to: 118 North Clark Street, Room 120, Chicago, Illinois 60602.