Will County Case Search

Another area of the state of IL that allows an online case search, Will County too provides details on both criminal and civil matters through the site of the area’s judicial system. If you are wondering about the results that an inquiry launched into court dockets would bring back, this is what you can expect:

In terms of civil litigations, you stand to find out about the sparring parties and the claims they have made against each other. The arguments presented in court and the disposition in the matter will all be included in the judicial records.

When it comes to criminal filings, the applicant can expect to be told about the charges brought against the subject, outstanding warrants if any, arrests made, testimony and other major happenings of the trial and the verdict and sentencing. Notice, how information on where the sentence was/is being served will not be available with the tribunal. However, the clerk of court’s office of Will County, IL may keep this information with them.

Initiating an inquiry to find Will County court documents

The simplest way to get a case search done would be to use the online resource offered by the clerk of court’s department. This facility is available at https://ipublic.il12th.org/SearchPrompt.php.

You can also visit the office of the clerk in person. Once there, you will be given two options to find the judicial records you need; you can file an application for the inquiry and pay for the search or you can use the public service terminals at the agency office to find them on your own. The county clerk sits at 58 East Clinton Street, Joliet, Illinois 60431.

The circuit court convenes at 14 W Jefferson St, #212 Joliet, IL 60432, and through the tribunal, you can find information on the criminal and the civil cases heard by them. However, you may not find judicial records from the municipal courts.