Kane County Court Documents

Kane County court documents can be accessed online at https://kanecoportal.co.kane.il.us/portal. The website allows civilians a free and quick option to conduct inquiries pertaining to judicial records. The database linked to this case search tool has details on all legal matters filed in the area, be they criminal or civil in nature.

To use this facility, you simply have to open the said web page and insert the search criteria. This includes the name of the defendant or if you are looking for civil court dockets from Kane County, IL, you can type the name of one of the litigants. Alternatively, you could use the name of the attorney or the case number.If you go with the latter, you will only be told about that specific matter that you are researching.

Providing the name of the subject and the number of years for which thecase search is to be launched will get you details on all the court dockets from Kane County filed in the name of the subject through that period. Although this is the most convenient option to find court documents, it should be noted that judicial records are held in computer archives only from 1986 onward.

If you are looking for older records, you will need to do things the old school way, and your options for this include:

Mail:You can contact the circuit court or the clerk of court’s office to get information on a subject. They will provide the results of your Kane County case search through mail. The circuit tribunal can be approached by writing to them at PO Box 112 540 S Randall Rd Geneva, IL 60134. The mailing address of the county clerk’s office is Kane County PO Box 71 Geneva, IL 60134.

In person visits: For this, you will have to show yourself to the judicial complex located at 719 S Batavia Ave, Bldg C Geneva, IL 60134.