High DUI Arrest Scores for Chicago suburbs Police Departments

The police department of Naperville scored first place on the arrest list of bikers suspected of DUI in Chicago metropolitan area in 2012. This is the third year in a row in which Naperville police reaches first place.
In addition, for 2012, Rockford police had the highest number of detentions, yet Itasca police department had the highest number of DUI detentions across the state per police officer (11.78 DUI arrests per policeman).

Marti Belluschi, a senior official at the AAIM (the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists) and a survivor of a road accident, claimed in relation to these impressive records that towns which chose to emphasize DUI prevention reaped the rewards. Lives were saved.
According to her, in the previous 2 decades, there have been major achievements in the fight against drunk driving.

Nevertheless, a new generation of drivers constantly emerges and much effort must be put into education.
The Naperville chief of police, Bob Marshall, revealed that his department had been working according to accident statistics. It had increased enforcement measures where accidents were more common.