DuPage County Court Dockets

Court dockets for Dupage County can be found through a variety of means. Applicants can initiate a case search online or use the public service terminals at the clerk of court’s office or approach the tribunal that handled the case for judicial records. Of course, the county clerk’s office will also be able to give you access to other publically available information such as marriage, death, birth and property records.

Launching a case search for Dupage County, IL is a relatively easy process; however, you will need to put in some amount of leg work since none of the judicial agencies in the area are currently offering online options for case searches. Now, there are two ways in which you could go about the task.

The first is to simply take a drive down to the clerk of court’s office or to the circuit court. In both cases, you are asking the deputies to wade through thousands of courts dockets from DuPage County, so you will be told to supply search criteria such as the name of the subject or the case number, the date of birth (for criminal cases) and the number of years for which the inquiry is to be launched.

If you have this information with you, go to the circuit court at 505 N County Farm Rd Wheaton, IL 60187 between 8 am and 4:30 pm and you will be able to find judicial records that are connected to criminal trials including felony and misdemeanor charges as well as details on civil matters, such as probate, family and commercial suits.

Another way is to go down to the office of the county clerk. They are located at 421 N County Farm Rd Wheaton, IL 60187. The County recorder also sits at this address. So, you can not only find court documents but also generic public information about the subject by driving down to this complex. Finally, writing to the agency in question is also an option. To get in touch with the clerk of court’s department, send your mails to P.O. Box 1028, Wheaton, Illinois 0187.